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About Pellerhead


Pellerhead is an electronic and classical analog music project located in Germany, the "Ruhrgebiet". Using real drums, guitars, bass and voice mixed with deep, electronic sounds it is open to many genres of electronic and handmade music and trying to bring both worlds together. Influenced by dark or cold wave, post rock, gothic, punk or many other genres – Pellerhead creates atmospheric, thoughtful music and an organic feel.

Truly a very special collaboration is the one with Dreadthedays. A full length album called "Hazed and Dreadful - The BlackSin Album -" which is out now. You can listen to it right here.

Also there is a debut album called "Notice" out there, which you can hear @Soundcloud and some other stuff like some nice coversongs.


What else to say about Pellerhead?

He is playing drums in the band called "Klüsen" - just a rockband out of a dark bunker. Collaborates withs friends and people around the world like "Wir Heißen Kirche", "J-SAN", "Dreadthedays", "Hello Dei" and some others. Is writing and painting, when the time is there to do so. Also likes to make free interpreted coversongs from Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Trio, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, SIA and in the future maybe more.

anicca - dukkha - anattâ

The answer is: forty-two or was it 46+2 or even no answer at all?


Hazed and Dreadful - The BlackSin Album -

A deep and dark SinPoetry album where all poems written and performed by Dana Kerr AKA Dreadthedays. The music, some singing and guitare playing is composed and performed by Pellerhead.

Our moods and emotions seem to fit well in the music. We have created this little work of art. Her lyrics are full of truth, emotion, depth and clarity. Hope you have some nice moments with it. THX to Dana Dreadthedays Kerr for her spoken stunning art to make this possible.

Joy Division and other coversongs

Pellerhead - Notice -


Nine Inch Nails - Hurt (Pellerhead Cover)

"In the Still" made by Dreadthedays

"Soulreaver" made by Pellerhead


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Credits & Thx

All spoken Lyrics from "Dreadthedays & Pellerhead - Collaboration Energy" are written and performed by Dreadthedays!

The great video for "In the Still" was edited and also made by Dreadthedays!

Music from "Koh Tao" and "Little Monday Present" by J-San (meet Soundcloud for more music by "J-San")

Kummer Cover from "Wir Heißen Kirche" (meet Soundcloud for more music by "Wir Heißen Kirche")

And not to forget the bands i covered songs of, some of the greatest artists: Joy Division, SIA, Depeche Mode

See also the homepage of my band "Klüsen". Playing drums is so nice! ;)